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With every stitch thats created
a part of JES story is told. 

J'nae, is a Brooklyn based fiber and movement artist who takes pride in creating with others in mind. She started crocheting at a young age with her great aunt, took a long hiatus, and picked back up the hook eager to slow down. She began stitching pieces together. and quickly noticed that every time she hooked and yarned-over, each basket, coaster, sweater and more told a different story.

Specializing in home decor and clothing, she is constantly trying new things so be sure to sign up for the newsletter for when new creations are added to the shop.

When you receive a crocheted item/creation, it is crafted by hand, slow and stitched with love and patience.

You are also supporting a dream.

Woman Owned | Black Owned | Artist Owned

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Meet the Maker

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